Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Bringing in Your Plants

Autumn is just around the corner! It's September now. The days are getting shorter and the nights cooler. It's time to bring the houseplants back inside.

Trays for the plants have always been a concern for me. I bring in a lot of geraniums and so forth from the garden and start many plants indoors early in the spring. This year I am going to use boot trays under the plants! It's an idea that just came to me while shopping at Home Depot today. It's the only thing I could find that is big enough for this pot but it works perfectly. I can add other pots to the tray as well and use them in front of the patio doors too! I love the idea!

I planted most of my plants directly into the garden in June this year, so will have those to dig up and plant into pots with fresh soil shortly. I will have to look carefully to make sure there are no earthworms, earwigs or other insects coming in with them.

I'm buying more boot trays today!


icebear said...

Good idea on the boot trays, they'll be large enough to catch the overspill. If you have low humidity issues you could put a layer of pebbles on the tray and pot the pots on that and allow water to sit within the stones for a bit of extra humidity. Our home is always so dry, even running humidifiers gives us little relief. I think i might try this myself. :)

Providence Acres Farm said...

Hi icebear! Great idea!

When I get a chance I intend to fill it with gravel to sit the pots on and keep some water in it for humidity.

Praveen RS said...
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