Saturday, September 17, 2016

A Long Way From our Original Farm in Ontario!

I took the above picture, myself, today. It almost looks surreal. It is a real scene, straight off my phone, as is, untouched on the computer.

We moved to British Columbia about 5 years ago and we love it here! I have other posts from BC about gardening when we lived in the Okanagan Valley and had huge gardens for a few years. We have moved again and have become "Snowbirds". This term refers to semi retired folks who spend the summers in the north and winter in the south.

We now live five months of the summer in the Northern Rockies of British Columbia, Canada, just south of the Yukon border. It's beautiful here! We work five months of the year for BC Parks in the north, then we are free to go south for the winter. While we could go anywhere for the winter months, we want to stay in BC. We are hoping to stay in Kelowna, where we have spent the past few winters. We like it there, know where everything is and they have all the shopping we could possibly want. Although we love the wilderness in the summer, we now judge a winter locale by how close it is to Costco.


These are some pictures I took today from the Park in the mountains where we work as wardens in the summer months. This is the most beautiful spot on the Alaska Highway! 


This fellow posed for us in the campground today. We rarely see a male with a rack of antlers like that. We usually see the female and young groups near the road. Males are less common.

This next picture is what I see with my back to the lake. The campground sits at the lake shore, each site with a bit of gravel beach.

You can see my shadow in the next two pictures and my work truck parked in one of the camp sites. As you can see, it's fall here now and getting very cold at night!

This is a good place to paint outdoor landscapes. It's so beautiful here! At the same time, we are very busy during the summer months, so time is short. I save the painting for the winter, when I will be looking for something to do and take many, many photos to take with me.

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