Trusting God

Trusting God

I have worked for the past few years to draw closer to God, to keep Him in every little part of my life, to acknowledge Him in all things. Sometimes I feel like I'm bothering our Lord constantly with all the little things in my life, that He's busy with important matters, that I'm perhaps being selfish to want Him to make all my decisions, even in the smallest detail of my day to day life. Is it selfish of me to shrug off responsibility for all that I do and ask the Lord to do everything, decide everything for me? He knows the outcome already and is certainly more capable of making decisions than I.

Sometimes I become afraid to make any decisions without giving all to Him first. Sometimes I ask His guidance when deciding every tiny day to day decision. Is this asking too much of Him? Who am I to expect Him to carry me so much? - but I need Him to. My own decisions are always the wrong ones.

I know that if I give it all to Him first and it doesn't work out, that it wasn't suppose to. This is always my thinking, that He has control and all things work together for good, no matter what happens. It relieves me of any responsibility and stops me from worrying and stressing about life. Is this an escape from responsibility, a cop out or is it faith? Sometimes I wonder, but I keep asking Him, anyway. I am much happier letting Him have the control, so that's the path I will continue to take.

When in doubt I just claim His word, give Him my all and "pray without ceasing".

But again, sometimes I get busy and forget to do so. I trust that He will guide me even when I don't ask.

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